The Story of MapleCookie

It was January 2011 when we first thought about buying a boat and our dream was a used Lagoon 400. However, after looking at the 400 next to the 421 at Salons du Multicoque in France, the 421 seemed to be the best fit for us but we were worried about the sailing performance and the looks.

We got wind shortly afterwards that FP were planning to replace the Orana with a new design which we were told would be revolutionary. This was to be a 44 footer - way bigger than we had planned and we would have no option to buy a used boat. Over the next few months, more information surfaced about the new boat, and as she sounded amazing, we delayed a decision until after we did a sea trial on hull#1 in Turkey in October 2012. She was breathtaking to look at and over a knot faster than the Lagoon. The decision was made and we ordered hull #22!

What’s in a name? When our daughter entered this world, dad greeted her with the words “Hello, Cookie” and Cookie became her favorite pet name. We are also proud Canadians and hence the “Maple”.

We not only wanted a superb boat for ourselves, we truly hope that our guests have the most memorable vacation of their lives. We think MapleCookie will provide this.